Foster Financial Services Inc.: About Us

Foster Financial Services Inc. has a reputation for offering invaluable financial planning assistance in a wide range of areas. With the company’s help, many clients are finding that planning for the future really does not have to be complicated and overwhelming.

Retirement Planning

Poulsbo, Washington-based Linda Foster is known for helping people to live out the visions they have for retirement. One person may be interested in spending their retirement years sticking close to home and simply spending time with family, friends, and volunteer organizations. Meanwhile, others may be excited to travel the world. One cardinal sin that must be avoided when planning for retirement in either situation is taking loans out of retirement saving accounts when facing emergencies. Disregarding the valuable 401(k) employer match is another common mistake. Linda O. Foster offers guidance that will enable clients to avoid making these expensive and potentially retirement-ruining mistakes.

Estate Planning

People often prefer not to discuss topics related to death, which is why estate planning often ends up on the back burner of people’s priorities. However, James A. Foster and Linda O. Foster can help clients to finally complete this important task, which may include creating wills and trusts; naming executors of estates to oversee the terms of their wills; buying life insurance, 401(k)s, and IRAs; establishing durable powers of attorney (POAs) to direct their investments and assets; and setting up funeral arrangements.

Why Choose Us?

Foster Financial Services Inc. remains one of the leading companies in the financial services industry because it works with people at all stages of life and of all financial backgrounds. Linda O. Foster specializes in helping federal employee civilian and military to comprehend their unique benefits and can help people of all ages and with different size estates to begin planning for retirement. She offers tax-advantaged and low-cost investments designed to help all individuals to achieve their financial goals.