Foster Financial Services Inc.: Your Go-To Financial Expert

Imagine your dream retirement. Then, imagine being able to pass down valuable assets to your children that will enrich their lives and enable them to accomplish financial goals they may have never thought were possible. Now, visualize your existing retirement portfolio. If your dreams and your current reality do not line up, your dreams will never become a reality in the future. At Foster Financial Services Inc. in Washington, we are here to help you to accomplish your financial dreams.

Retirement Outlook

These days, being able to retire at all has become a dream in and of itself for many Americans, according to James A. Foster and Linda Foster. This is because the Great Recession of 2008 unfortunately still impacts some people’s retirement plans. The late-2000 economic downturn severely impacted many aspects of the American economy, and people’s retirement funds suffered along with them. In fact, about 66 percent of Americans say they may have to delay retiring due to the losses they suffered during the recession.

Retirement Planning

At Foster Financial Services Inc., our goal is to help you to retire with confidence. We specialize in retirement planning as well as federal employee benefits, and we also offer low-cost tax-advantaged investments as well as financial planning guidance. With the assistance of Linda O. Foster, you can diversify your portfolio, with diversification being the key to accomplishing reliable returns.

Estate Planning

Linda O. Foster also offers expertise in estate planning, which must begin as soon as you acquire a large amount of assets–for instance, investments, jewelry, properties, and bank savings. Poor estate planning can unfortunately pose financial burdens on your loved ones as well as estate taxes that could reach as high as 40 percent. Get in touch with us at Foster Financial Services Inc. today to learn how you can effectively financially prepare for the future.